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Firearm Safety Course Overview

AcuteFirearms offers a Basic Firearms Safety class at our store location in the Darwin Building Plaza location. Our course will help you learn the proper fundamentals and develop your skills step-by-step. The class is conducted in a safe and friendly environment with a small group of participants. The classroom portion of this two-hour course will review safety, basic firearm overview, malfunctions, maintenance, and shooting fundamentals. The range portion covers operation skills, malfunction skills and safe practical shooting. No previous firearms experience is needed and you do not have to own a handgun.

Learn how to be safe and effective with a firearm.

Topics Covered

• Firearms Safety

• Shooting Fundamentals

• Malfunction Drills

• Firearms Maintenance

• Safe Practical Shooting

Participants must be/have:

• A U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien

• 21 years of age or older

• Able to speak, read and write in English

• NO felony convictions

• NO misdemeanor convictions for crimes of domestic violence

• NO record of drug or alcohol abuse

• NOT under a restraining order for violence

• NOT been adjudicated incompetent

Course Specifics

• Class fee: $115.00 (includes all expenses)

• Firearm: Gun is provided (.22lr pistol)

• Ammunition for class is provided

• Equipment: Eye and hearing protection provided at the range

  • (877) 522-4848

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